A Bit of History of One Park Road

Built in 1883 and named Woodland Villa, the house was first used as a gentleman’s club. Oddly enough our address was actually 17 Woodland Road for many years as there was no Park Road! If you look at old maps of the area, there were many small quarries dotted around the town. These quarries are where the stone came from to build the houses in the area. Slate for the roofs were also mined here but the quality of the slate was poor so many a roof had to be upgraded later on.

The property has changed hands 12 times since being built and first operated as a Bed and Breakfast in 1955.

The longest ownership span was 34 years during which time it was run as the Swallowholme Hotel.  Renamed 1 One Park Road the house stands on the crest of a small hill, proudly looking over a range of other homes within the area including the converted stables, where the residents of Woodland Villa would keep their horses.

Situated 200 yards from Windermere town centre and about 1/2 a mile from Windermere train station, it is a perfect place to call home for a short break.